FAKE MOVIE MEME: Cold Case Love [requested by solesoffire]
Starring: Marion Cotillard, Daniel Henney, Naomie Harris and Riz Ahmed

In the year 2079, everyone is ruled by one entity, the Organization of Inter-Continental Affairs. Where everyone is cold blooded and trigger happy. But, it’s been five years. Five years since top agents Shoshanna (Marion Cotillard) and Caleb (Daniel Henney) left their lives behind them. Staring anew. Unfortunately, the OCIA is a bit more reluctant to let them (and their knowledge of confidential organizational affairs) go. They send hotshot agents Sam (Riz Ahmed) and Analeigh (Naomie Harris) after them, sparking a international man hunt. What happens when the lines between good and evil are blurred and betrayal is everyone’s best friend. Remember, those who don’t pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it.

I like this one so much I even wrote something for it. :3

“Get your ass up we have a mission.”

Sam cocks his head upwards to greet her, adam’s apple bobbing enticingly, opening a lazy eye to regard Analeigh with disinterest.

Analeigh watches him, taking in his details, because that’s what she does. Samir Kapur. What some would describe as the definition of tall, dark and handsome. His fathomless brown eyes and devilish smile had all the girls lined up around the block, and (she would bet money) some of the boys too.

“What is it this time?” Sam asks, pulling his body upright on his love-seat, long limbs extending as he stretches out a loud yawn. “Assassination, kidnapping, some mor-”

“Find Shoshanna.” Analeigh interrupts. Sam snaps his head towards her, he doesn’t have enough of his bravado in fuel to hide his surprise.

At least now that he knows how serious this is, he’s not liable to slack off. Analeigh thinks as she helps herself to his liquor reserves.


“Exactly.” She says handing him a frosted glass of scotch before plopping down next to him. He downs it.

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