sendmedaughters asked for: [abridged] Jude Law and Jonathan Rhys Myers play brothers that run the family business, until a girl steps in the picture and drama ensues.

So sorry I ever-so-slightly misinterpreted the prompt when I actually made the graphic, but here’s my spin on the plot: Jude and JRM play brothers who are both spies. They have a perfect dynamic and are the best in their class. When they get wind of a rogue spy (Ruth Negga) messing with the system—to what ends, no one seems to know—they chose to get to the bottom of it and take her out. Unfortunately the poor saps didn’t know who they were dealing with, nor that she would be so… her. The femme fatale gets between the brothers and let’s just say I’m visualizing lots of fighting and gun pointing toward the end. Fin.


Game of Thrones: Mad Men AU   |   Part Two: Stark & Sons

The loss of founder, Ned Stark, hit the company hard but the work of Chairwoman, Catelyn, and wunderkind heir, Robb, has Stark & Sons nearly back on its feet. In fact Robb’s aggressive tactics have brought a whole new clientele to their door, even putting them in the running for the Seven Kingdoms™ rebranding campaign. But Cat worries to see Ned’s lessons thrown to the wind and Jon Snow risen to her son’s closest advisor. To his credit Snow is a brilliant accounts man, in line for a promotion (much to the resentment of Theon Greyjoy, vying years for the same spot).

Meanwhile high school graduate Sansa tries her luck at modeling in the Big Apple. A few casting calls quickly teach her a good family name and sweet looks aren’t enough to keep the vicious comments (and wandering hands) away.